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Crystal Palace

Bringing Palace to the people
Crystal Palace FC
Strategy / Design / Build

A digital transformation to match the bold and ambitious plans of this dynamic Premier League football club.

A bold new direction

The new website and app deliver an experience that is both compelling and authentic for Palace’s loyal fans, whilst also helping to maximise the clubs reach and accelerate it’s commercial performance. Projecting a bold digital expression of the club’s brand and values that are rooted in South London, but resonate around the world.

Enhancing the digital brand 

Palace have won a deserved reputation for being the coolest club in the Premier League with designer kit and graffiti-styled stadium at Selhurst Park. We’ve helped reflect their contemporary personality in their digital brand expression with a slick new website and app.

Creating a direct-to-fan relationship

By personalising the fan experience across all digital touchpoints, Palace now has a fast-growing owned channel both for fans and commercial partners. Exclusive behind the scenes club content, such as player interviews and training sessions, is accessible via registration.

Palace can now capitalise on the fan relationship with a wider range of membership offers, online shop promotions and ticketing; attracting both new digital-only as well as loyal legacy fans – all neatly tied together through single sign-on providing a single view of a fan.

A digital matchday destination

The second-stream experience is fast becoming integral with the live match-day broadcast. Palace TV shares the voice of the club with their fans during this hyper-emotive touchpoint. Exclusive video streaming and audio content; in-depth player profiles, stats and poll increase fan retention during the game. The app also provides a ticket wallet for fans attending the match.

Matchday Live

Fans can tune into every first team match through the Matchday Live experience for minute-by-minute updates, live audio commentary and team and player performance stats. The live timeline combines commentary, stats, live scores, video and social posts - pre, during and post the match; making it the go-to destination on matchday and unique second screen option for televised games.  

Going OTT with commercial partners

The owned platform enables Palace to go OTT. Key functions enable commercial partners to promote personalised services direct to fans, wherever they are in the world. It has been built for scale following the JAMstack approach using InCrowd's headless CMS and Vercel as the hosting provider, resulting in lightning-fast performance.

This is just the start of the journey. We look forward to future developments as we help Crystal Palace deliver unrivalled future experiences for their fans and business opportunities for their partners. 

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James Woodroof
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer


Fan engagement strategy
Main club website
Palace TV OTT platform
Retail, Ticketing & Fantasy integration


inCrowd Bridge Customer Data and Experience Platform
StreamAMG Cloud Matrix
JAMstack architecture
Opta sports data integration
Vercel hosting utilising Edge Network CDN
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